Why the name Chime Tone Studio?

The name is based off a few things. We are based in an area of London that was once known as Tolentone. From there it was straightforward to simplify it to Toll and Tone. The area is also where in the folk story of Dick Whittington he is said to turn back to London after hearing the bells toll or chime. The final link to our name is linked to one of our favourite British guitar amp manufacturers Vox who's signature sound we use or are inspired by on many of our tracks. They are famed for their "Chime" sound.

Do you record/mix for other bands/artists?

Yes and No. We are setup for mostly producing our own music, so we don't take on all projects, but we do work on other artists projects. If you like our music and want to work with us, then don't hesitate to Email us. We offer competitive rates.

Who are your music producer influences?

We like a wide range of music producers. Two that stand out though are Joe Meek and Jim Scott. Joe Meek in particular has a particular connection to us as he lived and worked just down the road from our studio.

P B Anderson, Producer on SoundBetter